The workshops

At Kufunda, youth participants were already resident on a 4 month ‘youth leadership and life skills’ program and so we did not need to recruit especially for the video workshop.  The residential status of the youth at the training centre was fortunate, as it meant that we could run the initial video training workshop and then set group assignments to be undertaken during the final  six weeks of their program. The program at large involved sustainability education with training in permaculture, solar energy, herbs and health, and child development. These activities provided useful ‘visioning the future’ themes for the youth to focus their video projects upon.  We procured basic video production equipment for Kufunda Village as the first step to establishing a long-term resource.

IMG_7460 IMG_7527

At the Centre for Civil Society (CCS), we recruited 10 participants through online distribution of an advert and application form. We have been working with the CCS since 2009 running community video trainings, and had already procured basic equipment to build up this community video resource.  The young participants in this group experienced a more intense 10 day workshop, which included sustainability education activities as well as video training. We watched several documentaries such as Food Inc, Sea Change, and The Story of Stuff, to facilitate discussion of ‘visions of a sustainable future’ as well as to engage with film-making techniques.

group pic


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