Youth experiences of the workshop: Ethel

Ethel was a participant in the youth workshop at Kufunda.

“When I was told that I was one of the chosen to be part of the youth attending the video workshop, I had thought that I was going to waste my precious time, not knowing that actually, I was to encounter the most important and unforgettable workshop in my life! I really experienced something special.

At first, it was a little hard for me to tackle the task I was given and even to shoot videos (especially to exact time limits). I knew that there was one key thing I lacked and that was confidence. But as time was moving, I gained confidence.

What I have learnt is that for my videos not to be shaky, I can use a tripod. But besides from a tripod, my body plays an important role. Without access to a tripod, I have to hold the camera with both hands, but I have to make sure that my fingers are not covering the lens and that I use my elbows to support the camera and keep it steady. Also, communication is very important, so as not to draw people’s minds off-task. Shouting “1,2,3…GO!”, I also have to use hand signals before recording.

I have also learnt that the best videos are shot outdoors and that the light has to be behind the camera. Now I know that there are five main shot types used in filming and these are close-up, mid-shot, long-shot, extreme long shot and extreme close up. I have also learnt about logging, whereby one fills in the important information on a log sheet so that when editing, no unnecessary clips are used, since saving space on the hard-drive is so important. And I learnt that before removing a USB memory stick, you have to ask the computer for permission to safely remove it!

I enjoyed editing mostly, even though it is a little hard. But I am happy that I understood most of the things about it. Right now, I feel that I have moved a step forward and if it were only possible, I would like to have more months of learning about shooting videos.”


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